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Welcome to Beach Villas at Ko Olina, an oceanfront condominium resort featuring a collection of luxurious vacation rentals and residences, each uniquely appointed and managed by their owner or rental agent. Our resort offers the perfect luxury lifestyle accommodations for families seeking an unforgettable vacation experience.

Indulge in the inviting sophistication and island comfort of our two- or three-bedroom villas, each with an unmatched blend of style and sensible family appeal. Enjoy breathtaking panoramic ocean views, spacious lanais, and signature state-of-the-art kitchens designed by renowned Master Chef Roy Yamaguchi, complete with Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, granite countertops, and stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Our designer furnishings and access to all of the resort’s amenities, including sandy lagoons, fitness center, and lap pools, provide a truly unparalleled experience of luxury and comfort.

Our spacious, air-conditioned villas include separate living and dining areas, large-screen TVs, and complimentary internet access, ensuring your stay is both relaxing and convenient.

Beach Villas at Ko Olina consists of two distinct towers: the 16-floor Ocean Tower, home to our Fitness Center and Lap Pool, and the 11-floor Beach Tower, offering the closest proximity to the Lagoon and Kiddie Pools, as well as our Makai Hale Beach Bar. Come and experience the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and natural beauty at Beach Villas at Ko Olina. We can’t wait to welcome you and your family to our stunning resort.

Building Layout

Listing of Villas

We invite you to discover the luxury and comfort of Beach Villas at Ko Olina for yourself! To check villa availability and make a reservation inquiry, simply click on the link to the unit that interests you below. Each of our exquisite villas is independently owned and managed, so all reservation requests or inquiries should be directed to the designated point of contact for that specific unit.

We look forward to welcoming you to Beach Villas at Ko Olina – the ultimate oceanfront condominium resort destination for discerning travelers and their families.

NOTE: clicking on any of the links below will redirect you to a web page outside of the AOAO site. While we cannot be responsible for the content on that site, we are confident that you’ll find everything you need to check villa availability and make a reservation inquiry for the linked villas.

For non-linked villas, simply perform a web search for “Beach Villas at Ko Olina” and the unit number you’re interested in to locate the designated rental agent and/or villa owner for assistance with villa availability and reservation inquiries.

Thank you for considering Beach Villas at Ko Olina for your upcoming vacation – we look forward to providing you with an unforgettable experience!

As a valued guest of our Resort, we kindly ask that you please park your vehicle in the designated areas assigned to you. These areas are available for Owners, Renters, and a limited number of Guests. To ensure safety and convenience for all, it is important that drivers park only in their assigned spaces and display a valid parking permit at all times.

We also ask that you kindly refrain from parking in any unauthorized or restricted areas, including those assigned to others. If a vehicle is parked in one of these areas, it may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense without prior notice.

Please make sure that your vehicle fits entirely within the designated parking space, without protruding or extending into any adjacent space, driveway, or walkway. For safety reasons, oversized vehicles such as limousines and extra-large vehicles that do not fit wholly within a parking space are not permitted to park at the Resort.

Thank you for your cooperation in making our Resort a safe and enjoyable place for all guests!

Beach TowerOcean Tower
BT0102 (2BR)OT0121 (3BR)
BT0103 (3BR)OT0201 (3BR)
BT0104 (3BR)OT0202 (3BR)
BT0105 (2BR)OT0204 (2BR)
BT0106 (2BR)OT0205 (3BR)
BT0107 (3BR)OT0206 (3BR)
BT0108 (2BR)OT0210 (2BR)
BT0109 (2BR)OT0211 (3BR)
BT0110 (2BR)OT0212 (3BR)
BT0202 (2BR)OT0213 (2BR)
BT0204 (3BR)OT0214
BT0205 (2BR)OT0215
BT0206 (2BR)OT0221 (2BR)
BT0207 (3BR)OT0222
BT0208OT0223 (3BR)
BT0209 (2BR)OT0224 (2BR)
BT0210 (2BR)OT0225 (2BR)
BT0301 (3BR)OT0226 (3BR)
BT0302 (2BR)OT0301 (3BR)
BT0303 (3BR)OT0302 (3BR)
BT0304 (3BR)OT0303
BT0305 (2BR)OT0304 (2BR)
BT0306 (2BR)OT0305 (3BR)
BT0307 (3BR)OT0306 (3BR)
BT0308 (2BR)OT0310
BT0309 (2BR)OT0311 (3BR)
BT0310 (2BR)OT0312 (3BR)
BT0402 (2BR)OT0313 (2BR)
BT0403 (3BR)OT0314 (2BR)
BT0404 (3BR)OT0321
BT0405OT0322 (3BR)
BT0406 (2BR)OT0323
BT0407 (3BR)OT0324 (2BR)
BT0410 (2BR)OT0325 (2BR)
BT0501 (3BR)OT0326 (3BR)
OT0401 (3BR)
BT0502 (2BR)OT0402 (3BR)
BT0503 (3BR)OT0403 (2BR)
BT0505 (2BR)OT0404 (2BR)
OT406 (3BR)
BT0506 (2BR)OT0410 (2BR)
BT0507 (3BR)OT0411 (3BR)
BT0602 (2BR)OT0412 (3BR)
BT0603OT0413 (2BR)
BT0604 (3BR)OT0414 (2BR)
BT0605 (2BR)OT0415 (3BR)
BT0606 (2BR)OT0421 (2BR)
BT0608 (2BR)OT0422 (3BR)
BT0609 (2BR)OT0424
BT0610 (2BR)OT0425 (2BR)
BT0701 (3BR)OT0426 (3BR)
BT0702 (2BR)OT0501 (2BR)
BT0703 (3BR)OT0502
BT0705 (2BR)OT0503 (2BR)
BT0706 (2BR)OT0504 (2BR)
BT0708 (2BR)OT0505 (3BR)
BT0709 (2BR)OT0506 (2BR)
 OT0511 (3BR)
BT0802 (2BR)OT0512 (2BR)
BT0805 (2BR)OT0521 (3BR)
BT0806 (2BR)OT0522 (2BR)
BT0807 (3BR)OT0523 (2BR)
BT0808 (2BR)OT0524 (2BR)
BT0901 (3BR)OT0601 (2BR)
BT0903 (3BR)OT0602
BT0904 (3BR)OT0603 (2BR)
BT0905 (2BR)OT0604 (2BR)
BT0906 (2BR)OT0606
BT0907 (3BR)OT0621 (3BR)
BT1001 (2BR)OT0622 (3BR)
BT1002 (3BR)OT0623 (2BR)
BT1003 (2BR)OT0624 (2BR)
BT1101 (2BR)
BT1103  (2BR)OT0701 (2BR)
 OT0703 (2BR)
 OT0704 (2BR)
 OT0711 (3BR)
 OT0712 (2BR)
 OT0721 (3BR)
 OT0723 (2BR)
 OT0724 (2BR)
 OT0801 (2BR)
 OT0802 (3BR)
 OT0805 (3BR)
 OT0821 (3BR)
 OT0822 (3BR)
 OT0823 (2BR)
 OT0824 (2BR)
 OT0902 (3BR)
 OT0903 (2BR)
 OT0904 (2BR)
 OT0905 (3BR)
 OT0921 (3BR)
 OT0922 (3BR)
 OT0923 (2BR)
 OT0924 (2BR)
 OT1001 (2BR)
 OT1002 (3BR)
 OT1004 (2BR)
 OT1005 (3BR)
 OT1006 (2BR)
 OT1011 (3BR)
 OT1021 (3BR)
 OT1103 (2BR)
 OT1104 (2BR)
 OT1105 (3BR)
 OT1106 (2BR)
 OT1111 (3BR)
 OT1121 (3BR)
 OT1202 (3BR)
 OT1203 (2BR)
 OT1205 (3BR)
OT1206 (2BR)
 OT1402 (3BR)
 OT1403 (2BR)
 OT1404 (2BR)
 OT1406 (2BR)
 OT1501 (2BR)
 OT1506 (2BR)
 OT1602 (3BR)
 OT1603 (2BR)
 OT1604 (2BR)